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5 AI coding tools to make your life easier as a programmer | Raghukulholidays

5 AI coding tools to make your life easier as a programmer

 Here are 5 AI coding tools to make your life easier as a programmer:

GitHub Copilot: This is one of the most well-known AI coding assistants available. It acts like an exceptionally intelligent pair programmer by your side as you use it within your preferred coding environment. It can provide code explanations, complete functions, rewrite old code, and even generate code ideas  all while you type.  Its ease of integration into your workflow makes it a popular choice. There is also a chat functionality that allows you to have lengthy conversations in order to create more complex functions or receive more comprehensive help.  While there is a monthly fee, for many programmers the increase in productivity makes it a worthwhile investment. 

Codeium: This is a free and open-source AI coding assistant that provides similar functionality to Copilot with AI code completion, search, and chat functionalities.  The autocomplete feature helps avoid repetitive typing and memorizing argument sequences. However, its real strength is the natural language search. Instead of wrestling with complex regular expressions, you can simply describe what you are looking for in plain English to search through codebases. The AI chat can also generate small code snippets in response to your questions. 

Tabnine: This is another AI code completion tool that learns from your coding style and the code you work with to provide relevant function, variable, and class suggestions. It also integrates with Stack Overflow to provide relevant code snippets and documentation in the context of your current code.  This can be helpful if you are stuck on a problem and need to see how others have approached similar challenges. 

DeepCode: This AI coding tool goes beyond simple completions to analyze code for potential bugs and security vulnerabilities. It can also suggest improvements to code readability and maintainability.  This can be a valuable tool for catching errors early in the development process and improving the overall quality of your code. 

Amazon CodeWhisperer: This is a cloud-based AI coding tool from Amazon Web Services. It provides similar functionality to Copilot and Tabnine with code completion and code generation.  In addition, it can scan code to identify issues and suggest improvements.  It is also useful for generating test cases which can save time and help to ensure that your code is functioning correctly. 


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