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Himadri Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2026, 2030, 2040 | Apkacyber Finance

In today's article we are going to talk about Himadri Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2026, 2030, 2040. This is a company working in the chemical sector, whose share price is falling slightly as of now.

HIMADRI share price target

    But because it is a raw material company, and its work affects the work of the electronic sector, there are chances for this company to grow in the future. Therefore, it is very important for you to know the business model of this company and how the share price of the company will be in the coming few years.

    Himadri Share Price Target 2023?

    Himadri Specialist Chemical Company is an Indian company. This company was established in 1997. The head quarter of this company is located in Mumbai Maharashtra. There is a small capital company here, the current market capital value of this company is Rs 7400 crore.

    Talking about the business model of the company, this company markets carbon material and various chemicals in the chemical sector. Mainly this company produces raw materials used in lithium-ion batteries. The company has a very good position in the stock market, but for some time now the company has been continuously going down. Currently the company share price has declined by 1.30%. The share price of this company will be like this in future.

    First Share Price Target - 166

    Second Share Price Target - 180

    Himadri Share  Price Target 2024?

    The products manufactured by Himadri Specialist Chemical Company are performing very well in the market, due to which big companies are associated with the company as customers. If we look at the company's products, this company produces chemicals used in plastics, tires and lithium-ion batteries.

    Big Indian companies like CEAT Tyres, Vedanta, MRF Tyres, Apollo Tyres, Hindalco are associated with the company as customers. Due to the strong customer base, its impact is visible on the company's figures. The current return on equity ratio of the company is 10.40%, which is considered quite good. The company's share price will be like this in future.

    First Share Price Target - 200

    Second Share Price Target - 220

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    Himadri Share Price Target 2025?

    The use of electric vehicles is going to increase significantly in the future. Apart from this, the use of solar energy is also going to increase significantly. Himadri Company produces raw material for Lithium-Ion batteries used in electric vehicles. The company can benefit a lot from the increase in demand for Lithium-Ion batteries in the market.

    According to stock market experts, people who are aware of electric vehicles in the future have started investing in companies working in the electric field. Due to increase in demand of the company in the share market, the book value of the company has become 53.70 and face value has become 1, which is quite good. Which share price of the company will be like this in future?

    First Share Price Target - 300

    Second Share Price Target - 310

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    Himadri Share Price Target 2026?

    As we all know, in the coming times the demand for electric products like electric vehicles, laptops and smartphones is going to increase significantly across the world and Lithium-Ion batteries are used in all these electric products.

    In simple words, the price of raw materials used in Lithium-Ion batteries may increase significantly in the coming time, which may benefit the company. If we look at the market position of the company, this company is India's largest manufacturer of lithium-ion battery raw materials. If we look at the stock market data of the same company, the current industry P/E ratio of the company is 17.84. A considerable growth has also been seen in the revenue of the company. The share price of the company will be as follows in the coming time.

    First Share Price Target - 380

    Second Share Price Target - 390

    Himadri Share Price Target 2030?

    The company is now planning to move ahead in its business segment and gradually the company is improving its position in the market by making new innovations. Apart from India, Himadri Company exports raw materials to many countries of the world.

    Like a good investor, if we look at the revenue of the company, then the company has generated a total revenue of Rs 4171 crore in 6 months in the year 2023. The operating profit margin of the same company is 8.20% and the net profit margin is 5.20%. This proves that the company will earn good profits by the end of the year. The company's Earnings Share EPS ratio is 6.20%, which shows that the company's investors are getting good returns.

    First Share Price Target - 400

    Second Share Price Target - 450

    Himadri Share Price Target 2040?

    Talking about the shareholding of the company, the promoters' share in the company is 40%. This means that the company has a large number of applicants. A large amount of investment is being made in the company by investing in the share market.

    As the demand for electric vehicles and other electric products increases in the market, the market position of the company will become better. The second-best thing about the company is that the company is completely debt free, which further increases the company's growth potential.

    First Share Price Target - 460

    Second Share Price Target - 500

    Future of Himadri Share?

    To find out what will be the future of Himadri Company's shares, we will have to look at the business model of the company. As we told you, the company is a chemical specialist company. Many types of raw materials are manufactured by this company which are used in tire industry, electric industry.

    As we all know how much demand there will be for electric vehicles and batteries in the coming time, it becomes clear that the company's share price can be quite good. The company can grow well in the future, but from time to time the government issues different rules and regulations for the chemical industries, which may cause some problems to the company.

    Strengths of the company?

    • The company is completely debt free.
    • The company's return on equity ratio is quite good.
    • The customer base of the company is quite strong.
    • The profit margin and net profit margin of the company are quite good.

    Weakness of the company?

    • The promoters' holding in the company is very less.
    • The company's share price has fallen by almost 2%.
    • it


    Before investing in Himadri Chemicals, you have to look at the market position of the company. This company is currently performing well, but investors who want to invest in it for a short period of time. This company may not prove to be very beneficial for them, but for investors who want to invest for a long time, the company may prove to be beneficial. Looking at the increasing demand for batteries in the market, it can be estimated that the company will definitely grow further.


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    FAQ: -

    What does the Himadri do?

    Talking about the business model of the company, this company markets carbon material and various chemicals in the chemical sector.

    Himadri where is located?

    Mumbai, India

    When was the company established?







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